People with Diabetes
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There are two main methods of researching the Diabetes-Stories website. You can use either the database or the transcripts and summaries. Both are described in detail below.

 The Database

You can research the Database at the heart of the website through an online query builder. This will allow you access to all the information about the people interviewed.

To view the entire database without any searching click the 'View Database' button. If you wish to define a search and just return the records you are interested in, then click the 'Query Builder' button. Both of these sections have their own set of instructions on how to get the most out of the site.

You can also download the database in a Microsoft Access format here :

 The Transcripts and Summaries

You can perform both simple and complex searches on the complete transcripts for every interview as well as the summaries of those interviews. There are some static subjects and queries to get you started with the process of trawling through all the documents. Also a very thorough help guide is provided should you need assistance.

To get started on your research click the button below.

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